Funding, Consultancy and Research Assistance

The project was funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research Leave Award (AH/E000649/1) and by a British Academy Small Grant (SG39350), both made to Janice Carruthers. Research visits were funded by Queen's University Belfast.

Research assistance at transcription stage was provided by Dehra Scott, supported by funding from the British Academy Small Grant (SG39350). Janice Carruthers was responsible for producing all the full transcriptions. Amélie Rougeot was responsible for checking the transcriptions and clarifying problematic issues.

James Cummings of the Oxford Text Archive and Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) provided technical expertise and advice on using Text Encoding Initiative markup; he also prepared the xml template and the DTD. The Principal Investigator, Janice Carruthers, designed the taxonomy used throughout the corpus for encoding speech and thought presentation, detachment, inversion and negation. She carried out all markup and checking of the corpus.


The Principal Investigator is very grateful to the following people:

All the storytellers who allowed their recordings to be used for the corpus; without their co-operation, the corpus could not have been created.

Bruno de La Salle: Artistic Director of the CLIO
Camille Coursault of the CLIO
Gauthier Bazelle of the CLIO
Maud Thullier of the CLIO

Dr James Cummings: Oxford Text Archive and Oxford University Computing Services
Professor Wendy Ayres-Bennett: Department of Linguistics, University of Cambridge
Amélie Rougeot: Queen's University Belfast
Dehra Scott: Queen's University Belfast
Gavin Mitchell: Queen's University Belfast, Information Services

Credits for the photographs:
Marie-Josephe Marchand for the photograph of Bruno de La Salle
Michel Nigou for the group photograph as part of the EPOS festival at the CLIO
The late Jean-Marie Le Quellec for the photograph of Patrick Caudal