The Header in each file gives all the metadata relating to the story in question. The story title and identification number are given as they appear in the CLIO recordings; occasionally, there is no identification number. The recording date is usually precise, but exceptionally, the month and year are given without a precise day. Header entries are given in English, but French is used (in addition to, or instead of English, as appropriate) in particular contexts such as information on qualifications, place names or regions.

The metadata provided in the Header for each story relates to information on the recording (given in the fileDesc); a general description of this project (projectDesc); the sampling methodology (samplingDecl); information on the transcription technique and correction processes (editorialDecl); the rationale for the tagset designed by the Principal Investigator for the project (editorialDecl); the full taxonomy of tags used for annotation (classDecl); information relating to the storyteller, the story and the setting (in the profileDesc). A short summary version of some of the key metadata is also given alongside the file title in the corpus files.