Corpus Files

To view or search the xml files you will need to download and install an xml Editor. These are widely available online and are inexpensive. To download the xml Editor oXygen, click here.

All files in the corpus are listed here in alphabetical order by story title.

Summary metadata relating to the storyteller and the setting are given for each file. Full details are in the xml Header for each file.

You can view files by storyteller.

You can view files by broad story type: the categories listed are generic story types (e.g. Tale of Magic, Animal Tale, Anecdote) or generic terms such as 'Legend'. Where more details are available, such as the Aarne-Thompson classification, these are given for individual files and also appear in the Header of the xml version. Note that the term '1001 Nights' is used as a broad category (even though it is not a story type as such) in order that users can identity all stories from that collection.

To view the files for a particular story, click on the story title. You will see a brief summary of metadata relating to the storyteller and contextual factors, followed by seven files.

It is strongly recommended that users opt for the TEIP5 versions of the files as these conform to the most recent TEI guidelines. If you prefer to use the TEIP4 versions, you need to download a DTD document and place it in the same folder as the TEIP4 xml file. Click here to download the DTD file.

  • To listen to the recording of the story, click sound file
  • To view the fully encoded xml file in TEIP5, click TEIP5 xml
  • To view the fully encoded xml file in TEIP4, click TEIP4 xml
  • To view the fully encoded file in PDF form, click PDF
  • To view the fully encoded file in HTML form, click HTML
  • To view the PDF file with minimal encoding, click PDF:stripped
  • To view the HTML file with minimal encoding, click HTML:stripped

If using oXygen to view the xml files, make sure to click the 'format and indent' icon on the toolbar for the most user-friendly view of the files.

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Gilles BizouerneMuriel BlochAnaïs BoyerMarc BuléonElisabeth CalandryPatrick CaudalEvelyne CévinValérie de La RochefoucauldBruno de La SalleFlorence DesnouveauxClaire GarrigueJacqueline GuilleminAnnie KissClaude MastreRalph NatafPascal QuéréIsabelle SauvageBruno Walerski

Story Type

Realistic TaleFantastic TaleAnimal TaleReligious TaleFormula TaleTale of Wisdom/Wisdom TaleTale of MagicErotic TaleAnecdoteLegendMythologyNovella/NovelleCreation Story/MythTale of the Stupid OgreBiblical Story/Myth1001 nights